Birthday Programme

Sponsors can choose a Friday/Saturday of a month that you would like to stage a birthday party for the hospitalized kids, their siblings and families that are present. Age group of children is generally 3 to 14.

  1. Help decorate the play area(in Ward 47) for the party
  2. Organize games, activities, singing, etc. to create a kids’ party atmosphere
  3. A big cake (for 40 pax) will be provided by the sponsor that will be cut to share with all other kids in the hospital, their siblings and families.
  4. Sponsor 6 birthday gifts that can be given out to kids of both genders.
  5. Sponsor 40 goodies bags that should include a packet Milo/Apple Juice/Ribena (provide varieties), cookies/biscuits and chocolates that are individually wrapped, plus other small stationery, etc that kids love. We leave the “extras” to your creativity.

Please ensure that there are no nuts in all food items as some children may be allergic to them.

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Contact Us

If you would like to contribute to our Birthday Programme, please contact us at or 6778 1934.

Thank you for your support.