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Ms Teyo Sock Pei, mother of Si Xuan

Our daughter, Si Xuan, was diagnosed with a liver condition soon after birth. A year later, she had to undergo a liver transplant at NUH. Though NUH was very supportive of the patients and family members throughout the pre- and postoperation periods, it was still tough for parents to accompany their sick children throughout their […]

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Ms Juliana Lim, mother of Gerhardt

Gerhardt exhibited breathing problems three hours after his birth and was immediately intubated with HFOV (High-frequency Oscillatory Ventilation). He was then diagnosed with PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of Newborns) and was treated with various medication related to his diagnosed breathing problem for a month. It was later discovered that Gerhardt actually had a congenital cyanotic […]

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