Oncology Happy Snack Pack


After the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) started its operation, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Singapore sought to initiate more programmes to further impact the health and well-being of children. In consultation with one of our board members, Associate Professor Tan Poh Lin, NUH Clinical Medical Director specialised in Paediatric Oncology, the inaugural Oncology “Happy Snack Pack” Programme was then initiated in March 2013. Over 800 snack packs were distributed in 2013 to Viva-University Children’s Cancer Centre located at NUH Medical Centre that were given out to the young patients who were either receiving outpatient care or undergoing day chemotherapy treatment or other procedures.


The children receiving chemotherapy treatment would need to fast prior to the treatment. Our snack pack became not just an energy booster, but also a “carrot” that motivates these children as they look forward to receiving a happy snack pack from the nurse after the completion of the treatment. Each snack pack consists of a juice or milk, and individually wrapped cookies/biscuits and chocolates.

In 2014, the appealing snack packs given out to children receiving oncology treatment at the Viva-University Children’s Cancer Centre located at NUH Medical Centre continue to be a crowd pleaser. We are extremely thankful to the individuals and corporations that have come forward to support this worthy cause. As of December 2014, 2,600 “Happy Snack Packs” have been given out since the launch of the programme.

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