Stephanie Ng

Be Inspired!

Stephanie joined Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Singapore as a volunteer in mid-February 2013. Since then, she has been an asset to the Charity. Stephanie is a responsible individual, executing responsibilities in the operations of Ronald McDonald House (RMH), specifically, assisting with meal programs management, daily RMH operations and training of newly recruited volunteers; all of which she accomplished to the highest standards.

Stephanie left the Charity in July to presume her studies in Medicine in Sydney, Australia. Here is something she will like to share with us and hoping to inspire more youth to contribute to RMHC Singapore.

My experience at RMHC Singapore has been very rewarding and thank you for the opportunity to be part of the team. Being part of the pioneer team has indeed provided me an all-rounded involvement, from administration to communications and housekeeping at Ronald McDonald House (RMH). My first impression of RMHC Singapore was just another charity organization providing a helping hand. However, my involvement for the past six months has given me a clearer perception of its operation.

A “home away from home” concept has been beneficial to the families who have stayed with us at RMH. Being such a small facility definitely has its a fair share of limitations, especially with the availability of rooms. Yet, this has not restricted the other ways RMHC Singapore provided for families of children warded in the hospital.

Meal Program planned for in-house families are especially useful for helpful as this program promotes “Togetherness” among families, staff and volunteers. It provides a communications platform between families and volunteers, as a distraction from their problems or for having a listening ear. I learnt that being a volunteer not only covers the administrative aspect of maintaining the RMH facility, but also showing the support that RHMC has missioned to provide for the families.

I love the events organized for the kids at the wards. I am so glad to have the chance to participate in Play, Read and Art as well as the Carnival at The Playground organized. With the limitations of resources and patients participation, it would be sufficient for it to be a quarterly event. Feedback from patients and guests were mostly positive and it was an effective arrangement of spreading the name of RMHC as well.

Apart from taking care of the families at the RMH, the idea of extending care in terms of supplying Snack Pack to the kids from the oncology ward as well as parents at PICU was really heartening. As a charity organization, RMHC Singapore has certainly shown how to spread the love to everyone.

What I really appreciated about RMHC Singapore is that every staff and volunteer compliments each other as a big family. With the ever-expanding number of staff and volunteers, it would be really good to have an event once awhile for them to get to know each other. This would probably be good for volunteers to know each other prior to encountering shifts together.

Thank you once again for the chance to be part of RMHC Singapore and to be able to share such an experience. I would definitely love to be back at the RMH and to join future events organised when the opportunity arises. RHMC Singapore is a community filled with love and support away from home.  I look forward to the future expansion of RMHC Singapore to provide a place for more families at a time.