Key Milestones

• RMHC Singapore has been granted as a Full Member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) on 1 November 2013.

• RMHC held its second Charity Gala Dinner which raised a record $325,000
• Sale of “Ronald Smiles” at fundraisers at McDonald’s restaurants raised $60,000.
• Ronald McDonald House Charity was re-named Ronald McDonald House Charities Singapore with effect from 9 March 2012

• RMHC held its inaugural Charity Golf event which raised about $90,000 – thanks to the generosity of McDonald’s business partners/suppliers and the public.
• Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity was re-named Ronald McDonald House Charities

• RMCC held its inaugural Charity Gala Dinner and raised $115,000. This was a closed-door charity event mainly supported by McDonald’s™ business partners/associates, suppliers and employees.
• Sale of “McHappy Day Bears”  at McDonald’s restaurants raised $160,000.
• RMCC Beneficiaries were invited to a play by renowned local puppetry theatre group, “The Finger Players” at the KKH Auditorium. They also enjoyed a party celebration provided by McDonald’s™ employees.

• RMCC Singapore disbursed over S$4 million in financial grants as of September 2009. The funds went towards helping more than 800 children with medical, rehabilitative and surgical treatments.
• Sale of “Ronald Smiles” fundraiser at McDonald’s restaurants raised $50,000.

• Sale of “Ronald Gloves” and “Helping Hands” fundraisers raised at McDonald’s restaurants S$75,000.

• RMCC opened the first Ronald McDonald Family Room (RMFR) on 12 April 2007 at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). RMFR offers a comforting respite for parents and allows them to stay within close proximity to their children receiving treatment at the hospital – this is important as research has shown that children recover faster knowing that their parents are close by.
• Sale of “Shrek Ears” and “Helping Hands” fundraisers at McDonald’s restaurants raised S$200,000.

• US$50 million was raised during McDonald’s™ 50th Anniversary of RMHC International. The funds went to aid programmes supported by Ronald McDonald Charities and other children efforts in Korea, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine, United States and Venezuela.

• In November 2004, McDonald’s™ World Children’s Day raised S$50,000 for Singaporean children infected with HIV virus. Fundraisers include the sale of “Helping Hands”, which were sold at S$1 each, and RMCC donation boxes. In addition, McDonald’s™ also contributed 10 cents for every pack of fries sold at McDonald’s™ restaurants on the day.

• McDonald’s™ World Children’s Day raised S$80,000 for premature babies in Singapore who require neonatal care and surgical treatment.

• The inaugural celebration of McDonald’s™ World Children’s Day held in November 2002 was an unprecedented simultaneous worldwide fundraiser that helped children across more than 100 countries. In Singapore, more than S$150,000 was raised through fundraising activities in the restaurants, benefitting sick children under the RMCC.

• RMCC attained charity status under Charities Act, 1994 with effect from 3 November 1999 with registration no. 01395.

• Administration of RMCC funds was transferred from NCSS to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) in October.
• RMCC was registered as a Society in February 1998 with registration no. 0237/1997/WEL.

• KKH’s Day Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging Departments were transformed into semblances of a forest and zoo respectively. They were aptly named ‘Ronald McDonald Enchanted Forest’ and ‘Ronald McDonald Zoo Adventure’.
• “Healing through Happiness” admission kits were specially produced for the children’s ward at the new KKH.

• 500 paintings by Singaporeans adorned the walls of KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital (KKH). The paintings, inspired by the theme “Love, Hope and Happiness”, brightened up children’s stay at the Hospital.

• In Singapore, the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity (RMCC) was incepted in October 1989 under the auspices of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). RMCC funded its first beneficiary, Jane Lee, for congenital heart disease surgery and medical follow-up at Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital in Australia.
• Since the Charity’s inception, McDonald’s™ has been contributing 5-cents from every Happy Meal sold to RMCC.

• First Ronald McDonald House Charities in the world was founded in memory of Ray Kroc