Oncology Happy Snack Pack

DSC_0466A child undergoing outpatient chemotherapy may be required to fast before treatment. After treatment, these children look forward to our snack packs to nourish and cheer them on.

For S$400 a month, you can support up to 150 Happy Snack Packs.

Each Happy Snack Pack will include:

  1. An individual packet Apple Juice (No sugar added) or Ribena or Milo or Strawberry Milk
  2. An individually packed cookies and biscuits (Eg. Oreo and Cream Crackers)
  3. An individually wrapped chocolate bar or M&Ms (ingredients must not have nuts as some children may be allergic to nuts)
  4. A toy or stationery (optional)
  5. Wrappers can be purchased at any party stores
  6. Complimentary slips will be provided where the sponsor will be acknowledged

Please Note:

  1. Snack pack items must be individually packed (e.g. tetra-packed beverage)
  2. Expiry date of food items must be at least 6 months away from date of donation
  3. Items are to be properly packaged before distribution that can be assisted by our volunteers

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Contact Us

If you would like to contribute to our Oncology “Happy Snack Pack” programme , please contact us at contact@rmhc.org.sg or 6778 1934.

Thank you for your support.